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Her novel won her the award. With both mind and body in their best condition, let's look forward to the newcomers' training camp. I'd like three of these. Betty has climbed the mountain three times.

I can't understand this word. Do you have a dictionary? They are so irrelevant. Is she still angry? Carisa says he always told Miek the truth. Where are you sitting? In terms of salary, that job is fantastic.

I'll be home by noon. Noted. Thank you. It's too soon. Do you have any information on classical music concerts?

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Under supervision, he looks after his clients much better. He rescued the dog at the risk of his own life.

They convinced me. The fish is in clear water.

Please, for the love of mankind, learn your language. I'll take it up with them. Don't give Bob my number. I'm sure that was her. Joe isn't very intelligent. So, straight, then to the right, and then? How many times a day do you look at your reflection in the mirror? I have always wanted to be a singer. Her eyes shone with tears. Hold on, someone is knocking at my door.

I hear Casey has been quite busy. Novels aren't being read as much as they used to be. Not everyone is happy about this. I thought maybe you could help me. I wrote that for them. You should relax. "... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!" He says that if he were there he would be happy.

As far as I know, she's still unmarried. She's in danger. Do what is good to those who hate you. Erik dipped a strawberry in chocolate and then put it in his mouth. I was asked by my uncle what I intended to be when I graduated from college. We waited till 2:30. I might have done well on yesterday's test, but I do not know the results yet.

You're not hurt, are you?

I seem to have temporarily misplaced your file.